BMW HOD Emulator - Traffic Jam Assist(TJA)

HOD Emulator Hand Off Detection Module for BMW F/G Series retrofit. The HOD (hand-off-detection Emulator) is useful in communicating with and responding to the automotive system. The steering wheel is currently touch-enabled and in a touch-enabled state, so you don't need to replace the steering wheel with the HOD module to enable the driving assistance of Traffic Jam Assist (TJA).

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Applicable Models

F Series
2' F45 AT 2' F45 AT LCI 2' F46 GT 2' F46 GT LCI 5' F07 GT LCI
5' F10 LCI 5' F11 LCI 6' F06 6' F12 6' F12 LCI
6' F13 6' F13 LCI 7' F01 LCI 7' F02 LCI i3 I01
i3 I01 LCI X1 F48 X1 F48 LCI X1 F49 X2 F39
X5 F15 X6 F16
G Series
3' G20 3' G21 3' G28 5' G30 5' G31
5' G38 6' G32 GT 7' G11 7' G11 LCI 7' G12
7' G12 LCI 8' G14 8' F91 M8 8' G15 8' G16
X3 G01 X3 G08 X4 G02 X5 G05 X6 G06
X7 G07 Z4 G29 8' F92 M8 X3 M F97 X4 M F98


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